Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves - Property Mastery Academy

Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves

Mark and Jackie have been business partners for over twenty years, during which time they've built several successful businesses in a variety of market sectors.

After buying a property overseas and a buy-to-let in the UK, it was in October 2009 that they made a life-changing decision: to sell their existing business and become serious full-time property investors. Over the next 18 months, Mark and Jackie focused on learning everything they could about property: attending training courses and investing heavily in their property education.

Utilising their now extensive property knowledge, Mark and Jackie implemented new strategies and rapidly started to build their property portfolio. Now with a large cash-flowing portfolio, the dynamic duo have used almost every property strategy along the way; Buy-to-Let, HMOs, Lease Options, Joint Venture deals, Buy to Sell, and more. They have used them all – tried and tested, they know what works.

In 2011 Mark and Jackie established Property Mastery Academy so they could share the benefit of their property knowledge and education with others. The Coaching and Mentoring programme was the first property training course to be launched, designed to support and encourage other property investors so they too could seize opportunities and succeed with their property businesses.

Since then, the company has achieved sustained growth, rolling out more short property courses and day seminars, and has continued to provide motivating and inspirational training to instil confidence and determination whilst passing on their extensive business and industry knowledge, helping many people to achieve success as a property investor.

A Personal Journey into Property Investment, Podcast November 2016