Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves, Professional Property Investors, Trainers and Property Mentors

Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves - Property Mastery AcademyMark and Jackie have been business partners for over twenty years, during which time they've built several successful businesses in a variety of market sectors.

After buying a property overseas and a buy-to-let in the UK, it was in October 2009 that they made a life-changing decision: to sell their existing business and become serious full-time property investors. Over the next 18 months, Mark and Jackie focused on learning everything they could about property: attending training courses and investing heavily in their property education.

Utilising their now extensive property knowledge, Mark and Jackie implemented new strategies and rapidly started to build their property portfolio. Now with a large cash-flowing portfolio, the dynamic duo have used almost every property strategy along the way; Buy-to-Let, HMOs, Lease Options, Joint Venture deals, Buy to Sell, and more. They have used them all – tried and tested, they know what works.

In 2011 Mark and Jackie established Property Mastery Academy so they could share the benefit of their property knowledge and education with others. The Coaching and Mentoring programme was the first property training course to be launched, designed to support and encourage other property investors so they too could seize opportunities and succeed with their property businesses.  

Paul Merrick | Professional Property Investor, Entrepreneur, Trainer & PMA Mentor

Paul MerrickPaul bought his first property for a few hundred pounds and now owns a portfolio worth seven-figures. His passive income from his property portfolio means he no longer needs to work but he continues to do so because he loves property, and he loves sharing the expertise he has garnered during his years in the property industry.

A serial entrepreneur, he established his first property company, Braidcrest Ltd, in 1998 and now runs a number of successful property businesses with a mixed portfolio of commercial, retail, industrial, residential and greenbelt.

Paul firmly believes that people are the most important aspect of establishing a successful property business and that it is essential to establish a team of property professionals who share your vision, support your expansion and have the expertise to enable you to grow.

Paul’s passions are property, business, personal development and education. Consequently, he has provided coaching and mentoring services to a wide range of end users from school pupils to national charities. He is in regular demand as a keynote speaker and mentor.

Following his key principles of investing in people; processes and property, Paul has built close relationships with Local Authorities; small businesses and large corporates. His consultancy services are much in demand and he has worked with the Scottish Executive; Glasgow City Council; Clyde Gateway; Tesco, Calor Gas and Carillion.

Applying his knowledge and training in personal development, he firmly believes that mentoring should start by looking at the individual, identifying wants and needs before moving on to consider the best property tools and techniques to achieve your goals. He believes in continuous personal and professional development and enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise to help others fulfill their true potential.

Graeme Stewart, Professional Property Investor, Trainer and PMA Mentor

Graeme Stewart

Graeme started investing in property in 2001 after meeting his wife, Susannah. Fortunately, they both already owned properties with equity in them so they remortgaged one of them and used the funds to start building their portfolio.

Graeme’s first deal involved buying 6 properties off plan for a total deposit of £3,000 which he was able to remortgage on completion to leave none of his own money in the deal and these properties each give a great positive cashflow every month.

Creative strategies and favourable lending conditions enabled Graeme to quickly build a large portfolio of high yielding properties in the Central belt of Scotland which are complemented by a few properties in high capital growth areas of the South East.  

In 2005, Graeme stumbled across the highly lucrative, but little known, practise of Land Assembly which delivers large lump sums of capital which enable him to continue to grow his portfolio. This is the perfect strategy to complement income generation strategies and helps the government to address the housing crisis.

He now divides his time between Land Assembly & Property Development, teaching others to do Land Assembly, running his own portfolio and spending time with his young family.

Having been in the Industry for 16 years, Graeme has experienced the ups and downs of the property market and seen others fall by the wayside. He is therefore passionate about ensuring that investors get the right advice and support so they can accelerate their journey to financial freedom.

Graeme is from Dunblane in central Scotland but now lives in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Dr Martin Davies | Professional Property Investor, Trainer & Mentor in Relationship Marketing

Dr Martin Davies - Trainer & Mentor for Property Mastery AcademyMartin is an established trainer and mentor in relationship marketing and active property investor. 

His first career was with IBM in sales.  After taking the ‘package’ from IBM Martin set up NRG Business Networks, an attraction marketing organisation, in 2004.  Setting up a small business is tough and missing the sense of corporate community he left behind in IBM Martin sought to provide it for others through NRG Business Networks.  His passion is helping others build personal networks that work for them and their businesses. 

In 2011 Martin, together with his son Rupert, began their property investment journey.  Since then they have built a residential portfolio of both multi-let and single-let properties.

Key to this was attracting investment capital to fund their portfolio growth.  Martin brought his experience of relationship building to the property world and applies it to joint ventures.  Martin now speaks and trains on how to attract property investment.

Martin lives with his wife Caroline in rural Wiltshire with a menagerie of cats, dogs and hens.  When not working he plays bridge, walks, skis and travels with Caroline and grown up daughters.

Erick Rainey | Professional Property Investor, International Speaker, Trainer & Master Practioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Techniques

Erick RaineyErick attended a property seminar in London during the late 1990s. During the seminar he learned that property can provide multiple steams of income and that you can ‘make money while you sleep’.  This appealed to Erick and so he set himself a personal goal to build a property portfolio but he had no idea how he was going to achieve it.

Since then Erick has become a multi award winning international speaker, trainer and coach. In 2002 he graduated from The Coaching Academy with distinction. Over the following years he attended the Advanced Neuro Dynamics institute in California where he studied Neuro Linguistic Programming under Dr. Tad James.

Erick is now a fully qualified trainer and Master practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Techniques certified by the Association of Integrative Psychology. He now delivers transformational workshops and seminars. These workshops engage delegates at every level, pushing them to develop and maximise their intrinsic skillset and performance potential.

He achieved his goal of building a property portfolio but says that he couldn’t have done it without some of the skills that he has acquired through his NLP training. He now helps others to develop a similar skillset so that they can communicate, negotiate and navigate their way through all matters involving property.

Erick loves public speaking and was crowned champion speaker of UK and Ireland three times: 2004, 2005 and 2010. He has entered the World Championship of Public Speaking (a competition involving 28,000 speakers) and made it to the final in two separate years: 2005 and 2009 and He placed 3rd on both occasions.

He now lives in the Scottish Highlands with his wife Ailsa, son Luke and dog Suki the Hungarian Viszla.