5 Reasons to utilise the tools, strategies and industry expertise provided by experienced property mentors

Posted by Mark Lloyd, Property Mastery Academy on 20 December 2017 | Comments

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With our training schemes and programmes, we share more than just different types of property investment strategies.

Our courses are aimed at a variety of people – from novice property investors to those who already have experience but are looking for new ideas. And, of course, our property mentors want to give each attendee the tools, strategies and industry experience needed to succeed in property investment.

However, along the way, we hope all of our potential property investors will benefit in other ways:

property investment business planning

1. Build your business plan

This is especially difficult when you’re first starting out as you literally don’t know where to begin.

Once you’ve spent time learning from our property mentors (and doing your homework), you’ll find that a business plan begins to form. Your plans can be tweaked and adjusted as your knowledge increases, but at least you’ll have devised a starting point from which to grow your business.

2. Learn to plan ahead

Rather than tying up all your wealth, if you leave yourself with no liquid assets you could miss out on a potential opportunity when it comes along.

Instead, keep some cash to one side that you can access quickly whenever you need to. Because as you learn more about property investment, you’ll become better at spotting lucrative investments.

If you use as little capital as possible on a buy to let, when your investment gains in value you can use the equity to pay off the mortgage and hopefully still have some left over to invest in another BTL property.

Putting in less of your own money to begin with means more leverage as you’re not using your cash to make your profit. Instead, it’s someone else’s cash, such as the mortgage lender, that’s doing all the work.

You also need to plan ahead to estimate how long it’ll be before you get that return on your investment (i.e. your cash investment back) and how big your monthly yield will be.

3.Set goals (both personal and property related)

Many of our investors find that once they start setting themselves business goals, they look at personal goals as well. After all, the two are often linked.

For example, you may decide you want to retire by a certain age. To achieve this, you might need to plan the size of your property portfolio and determine how much your monthly yield will have to be so you can live comfortably on your investments.

4.Enjoy your education

Key to your success in property investment is education.

It’s about research – assessing the merits of a particular property, checking out current market values and doing your homework on the prospects of up and coming locations.

Researching an area to assess whether there’s likely to be a high demand for rental properties is essential to investment success. If you’re aiming at young professionals, are there good commuter links? Is there a demand for flat shares from students at nearby universities?

Many of our investors find this element of property investment highly fulfilling as they see a direct equation between doing their homework and profitability.

5. Gain confidence in yourself

As your knowledge grows so does your confidence. Once you’ve made your first property investment, you’ll be less afraid to enter into the next one.

Rather than looking in from the outside, suddenly you’re the one on the inside making all the decisions. Whereas before you may have spent too long on the side-lines, deliberating on whether to invest – now you’ll have the confidence to make informed decisions and act sooner.

And you’ll probably discover this newly found confidence will extend to all areas of your life!

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