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Course Overview

This key property investment training course builds the foundation of your property business and consolidates your existing business by ensuring you embed the main principles of People; Process; Property.

Who should attend?

This property training course is for you:-

  • if you're starting out and not sure where to go
  • if you're wondering how to move your property business to the next level
  • or wanting to consolidate and implement your existing property knowledge

This property course will ensure you emerge with a firm grounding in the tools and techniques that are best suited to your personality.

If you're starting out, wondering how to move your property business to the next level or wanting to consolidate and implement your existing property knowledge, then this course will ensure you emerge with a firm grounding in the tools and techniques that are best suited to your personality

By the end of the three-days you will have a personalised business plan taking into account your personality, attitude to risk and negotiating philosophy. This clear map will enable you to implement your learning in a structured and sustainable way as you continue to build your property portfolio and/or property investments.

Course Content: People - Process - Property

* How to turn a property investment into a property business
* How to buy property from auction or directly from administrators
* How to buy from a motivated seller
* How to borrow commercially
* How to use grant money to improve your property
* How to work with the Local Authority and local businesses to let property

* How to buy commercial property and rent back

* How to follow politics not prices
* How to use other people’s time and other people’s money
* How to build relationships with the people who matter

The People-Process-Property Course will enable you to determine your personality type; attitude to risk and to build a personalised strategy for your property business. 

At the end of the three days, you will have a clear personalised business plan covering the next five years of your property business enabling you to fulfil your goals and ambitions.

This property investment course covers many of the topics, strategies, tools and techniques that you will not find in any other property coaching or course. They are also the topics, strategies, tools and techniques that our property professional, Paul Merrick, used to build his own businesses from his first property investment of £2,500 [TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS] to being financially free in twelve months. He now has a mult-million pound portfolio with an annual rental turnover of £370,000 and a net profit of £250,000.  It’s little wonder that property is his passion and he wants to share that passion with you.

No other Property Course like it!

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Timings: 9am to 5pm each day

Limited to 20 main delegates.

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Hear what our delegates say:

"I don't think anyone was quite expecting how the 'People' element influenced everything - certainly more than just getting a 'power team' in place & buying biscuits for the estate agent!
Without giving all Paul's trade secrets away, I think it's fair to say that I have never seen such philanthropic property investing.....and I love it!"

Estelle Barnes, Kent

"Fantastic weekend at Paul Merrick's People Process Property course. Without a doubt it's the best course I have ever been on and I know it is going to be the defining moment of creating an amazing property business that has longevity,gives me the financial freedom I desire and above all else - helps others and makes a difference. Highly recommended to anyone interested in property - you will learn strategies that no one else is teaching"

Hayley Burtt, Croydon

"First I'd like to say Wow, what a great weekend. Paul's training is like no training I've experienced before, and I believe it will give all of us the tools to succeed and a definite "edge" when it comes to property and business in general."

Kevin Forsey, Kent

"Having met Paul a couple of times at networking events, I was expecting his course to be good.  I really wasn't expecting it to be so life changing.

Paul's focus on getting the  business approach correct  really paid off for myself and my business partner. Having failed to buy a property from the council earlier in the year with no competition, we used Paul's approach with a properly written business plan and bid structure and bid again against six other offers and WON!*  The feedback we received from the council was that we were the only company to structure our offer in this way and it this that won us the deal. Paul very kindly met with us three days after breaking his leg to help us put the finishing touches to our offer document.

There are some good property courses out there, but in my opinion this is a very important one to attend. It really will transform how you approach your journey going forward."

Anne Miller, Scotland

* Project: Conversion of historic building and new build to create 13 flats.