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Mark Lloyd and Jackie Reeves | Owners

Mark and Jackie have been business partners for over twenty years, during which time they've built several successful businesses in a variety of market sectors.

After buying a property overseas and a buy-to-let in the UK, it was in October 2009 that they made a life-changing decision: to sell their existing business and become serious full-time property investors. Over the next 18 months, Mark and Jackie focused on learning everything they could about property: attending training courses and investing heavily in their property education.

Utilising their now extensive property knowledge, Mark and Jackie implemented new strategies and rapidly started to build their property portfolio. Now with a large cash-flowing portfolio, the dynamic duo have used almost every property strategy along the way; Buy-to-Let, HMOs, Lease Options, Joint Venture deals, Buy to Sell, and more. They have used them all – tried and tested, they know what works.

In 2011 Mark and Jackie established Property Mastery Academy so they could share the benefit of their property knowledge and education with others. The Coaching and Mentoring programme was the first training course to be launched, designed to support and encourage other property investors so they too could seize opportunities and succeed with their property businesses.

Since then, the company has achieved sustained growth, rolling out more short courses and day seminars, and has continued to provide motivating and inspirational training to instil confidence and determination whilst passing on their extensive business and industry knowledge, helping many people to achieve success as a property investor.

Property Mastery Academy Course Trainers and Mentors

Paul Merrick | Professional Property Investor, Entrepreneur, Trainer & Mentor

Paul Merrick - Mentor, Property Investor

Paul bought his first property for a few hundred pounds and now owns a portfolio worth seven-figures. His passive income from his property portfolio means he no longer needs to work but he continues to do so because he loves property, and he loves sharing the expertise he has garnered during his years in the property industry.

A serial entrepreneur, he established his first property company, Braidcrest Ltd, in 1998 and now runs a number of successful property businesses with a mixed portfolio of commercial, retail, industrial, residential and greenbelt.

Paul firmly believes that people are the most important aspect of establishing a successful property business and that it is essential to establish a team of property professionals who share your vision, support your expansion and have the expertise to enable you to grow. 

Paul’s passions are property, business, personal development and education. Consequently, he has provided coaching and mentoring services to a wide range of end users from school pupils to national charities. He is in regular demand as a keynote speaker and mentor.

Following his key principles of investing in people; processes and property, Paul has built close relationships with Local Authorities; small businesses and large corporates. His consultancy services are much in demand and he has worked with the Scottish Executive; Glasgow City Council; Clyde Gateway; Tesco, Calor Gas and Carillion.

Applying his knowledge and training in personal development, he firmly believes that mentoring should start by looking at the individual, identifying wants and needs before moving on to consider the best property tools and techniques to achieve your goals. He believes in continuous personal and professional development and enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise to help others fulfill their true potential.

Annabel Sutton | Professional Certified Coach, Property Investor and Author

Annabel Sutton, Property Mentor and Investor

Annabel has been coaching since 1999 and was one of the first coaches in the UK to be awarded a coaching credential. She went through a rigorous examination process before being awarded the Professional Certified Coach credential by the International Coach Federation in 2005.

Before discovering coaching Annabel called herself a Professional Opportunist. She grabbed opportunities to try new things whenever she could and has had many career changes, including working in the theatre, travel writing, voice overs, journalism and making radio documentaries for the BBC.

She lived overseas for 15 years: five years in Indonesia (Borneo and Java) and ten in Los Angeles. She’s travelled widely and survived earthquakes, the LA riots, leech attacks in the jungle, spending a week with head-hunters and becoming inadvertently betrothed to a Dani warrior.

Annabel has written four books: The Islands In Between, Travels in Indonesia, 52 Ways to Handle It, and 52 Ways to Change Your Life. Her most recent book 52 Ways to Transform Your Life (Weekly Wisdom for Busy People) was published in 2013.

In 2013 Annabel fulfilled a long-held dream and ventured into the world of property investing. She started on Mark and Jackie's Group Mentorship Programme in April 2013 and since then she's sold a property in Los Angeles and bought her first buy to let property in South Wales. She's now actively exploring further investment opportunities in Bristol and Cardiff.

Though a relatively new investor, Annabel has learned a huge amount in a short space of time and has already learned valuable lessons from her mistakes. In addition to this, she brings all her coaching experience and skills to the table. It's all very well amassing knowledge – the key to being successful in property is taking action. Annabel's aim is to motivate, inspire and support others to take action, to achieve their goals and to be happy and successful on their own terms.

Ian Bunday | Professional Investor, Property Developer, Mentor

Ian Bunday - Professional Investor, Property Developer, Mentor

Ian is a professional investor and developer who has been investing in property since August 2000. He has accumulated a large property portfolio in different areas of the UK via a range of investment and development strategies. His areas of expertise include Buy to Let, HMO , serviced accommodation, short-term lets and development of converted and new build property.

He has also completed various property training courses with a well-known property training organisation. Prior to embarking on a career in property, he reached management level in Education and has substantial experience in Training and Mentorship.

Louise Nicholson, Professional Property Investor, Mentor

Louise Nicholson, Professional Property Investor, Mentor

Louise’s corporate background is in I.T. where she worked as a network engineer and project manager for near on 18 years.

Having been plagued with M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome) throughout her life and understanding the profound effect of diet and lifestyle on this condition, Louise also went to university to undertake 4 years of further study to become a qualified nutritional therapist.

Following this, Louise founded NutriProVita (“Nutrition For Life”) because, rather than dwell on the negatives of years of ill-health; she wanted to make positive use of her experiences in order to offer a lifeline to others in a similar situation not knowing which way to turn.

Unfortunately, at 40 years old, a series of stressful events triggered a major relapse of M.E. leaving Louise debilitated and unable to work over 4 years.

With exhausted funds having been unable to work for such a long period of time, Louise began her property journey with the sole purpose of survival.

Making the conscious decision to start very tentatively in the Midlands, Louise sourced two BTL properties in quick succession off the back of a leafleting campaign and working closely with Estate Agents in the area. The learning curve was tremendous and she has not looked back. Louise is well on the way to building a £1.5 million portfolio and majors on working with joint venture partners, turning properties in her local area in Hampshire, into HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation).

Louise’s mission statement is to ensure simple & lucrative property investments that will provide a healthy financial return to joint venture partners and LB Property Partners alike. She aims to cement longstanding and trusted relationships with her business partners.

Louise’s key objectives are to inspire & energise others to take action and transform their lives through healthy living, financial awareness, personal development & growth.

Martin and Rupert Davies | Professional Property Investors, Mentors

Martin Davies, Property Investor and MentorMartin Lewis, Property Investor and Mentor

It is easy to drift when you start in property investment, so getting the right training was key. Martin chose Property Mastery Academy and we helped father and son team, Martin and Rupert, to develop their skills to define a strategy that worked to keep them on track. PMA still mentor Martin and Rupert, but now they have both developed their skills further and have become so successful in expanding their property portfolio, their skills and hands-on experience will be an invaluable asset to the Property Mastery Academy training portfolio.

Rupert and Martin are both Professional Property Investors who have an active and increasing portfolio of properties based in multiple areas across the UK focusing on traditional Buy To Lets, Shared Accommodation, with a large percentage rented to LHA Tenants.

Prior to Rupert’s involvement in property, he worked in Television for a number of years after completing an MA in History. Here he took on various roles which included developing ideas for new TV programmes, spending time on Set, filming at locations around the world, and more recently working at ITV as a Picture and Archive Researcher.