Property Course Testimonials

"Another productive day. The format is different to any other property event I've been to, and gives everyone an opportunity to discuss any obstacles in their property business, as well as widening their knowledge or other strategies."

- Alan Rice-Smith

"There are a lot of people out there doing property courses but not walking the talk. PMA are not those people. They have a wealth of knowledge built up from investing, sourcing and working with JV partners. They are grounded people who don't just tell you what you want to hear - but tell it as it is. Too many courses make it all sound too easy but the reality of it is, that it does take time, effort and often true grit and determination."

- Louise Nicholson

"Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Found it to be motivational and informative. Liked the fact that there was no 'upsell' for further training"

"Enjoyed the day. PMA are approachable and warm. They are not pushy and no sales pitch. The day has encouraged me to be more accountable."

"Thank you for your honesty, integrity and willingness to be humble, despite your great knowledge."

"I know a lot of people in this group are interested in doing Rent 2 Rent/ Let 2 Rent, whatever you want to call it... It's definitely something that I've wanted to look into for a while to add Cashflow to my current portfolio and help fund more deposits, etc.

So I decided to go on the R2R course 2 weeks ago today and I have just spent every day following their course and guidance since. The course was just fantastic, very clear and well structured and I left with all the information I needed to get going! No upsells, further training etc, which is always annoying for me so I was happy that here was none of that.

On to my results: So far in the past 14 days, I have found 8 potential properties (2 of which are actually potential sales now), 2 Letting agents to work with, 2 new investors, and a lot of potential JV money raised too.

I plan to take on 1 property per month now, for at least the next year, that's my target. So just to finish, If your interested in learning about this strategy, I highly recommend their course and for the price, an early bird ticket is great value for money!

- Neil Ward

 "Recently I undertook the R2R training with PMA and I can say that for those in any doubt this is an excellent course for those that are serious about pushing ahead. The time spent  was worth its weight in gold-shows you what is possible if you put your head down and get on with it!! All in all, course and mentorship highly recommended."

- Justin Adams

"This course far exceeded my expectations. Very Impressed."

- Clive Marion

"Very enjoyable - the small group was really good - less daunting for networking. "

- Selena Elston

"Great team of presenters, approachable, friendly, fun."

- Kim Aminu

"Thanks for a great day."

- Richard van Ommen

"Good day, kept my attention throughout."

- Hayley van Ommen

"Course was brilliant - learnt a lot about an area of the market I didn't know existed."

- Sue Marion

"Brilliant as usual."

- Teresa Leong

"A superb day - authentic from the heart presentations. Great value - thanks!"

- Richard Marquand

"Fantastic! Thank you - very informative, refreshing not being put under pressure to commit to pay for another course."

- Shelley Rose

"I went on the Deal Sourcing Masterclass yesterday and cannot speak highly enough of it. Excellent content and brilliantly presented. No one will have any excuse not to take action after taking this Masterclass! Thanks also to all the attendees, a diverse group, asking questions all day long. I learned so much from everyone and no I am not being paid for this! Thanks again guys."

- John Carlile

"I went on the Deal Sourcing Masterclass and it was 10/10 absolutely fantastic.  I have already recommended it to half a dozen people who I know would benefit from it. "

- Neil Ward

"An excellent session covering everything we needed to know. Thanks guys - highly recommended."

- Alberto Giovino

"The Deal Sourcing Masterclass was excellent.  It covered everything - there is nothing else you can be taught on this course.  The next step?   Just to get out there and do it!"

- Kerry Mountjoy

"I had an excellent day at the Deal Sourcing Masterclass. I learnt loads and came away very motivated. I have been up since early this morning and am already taking action! Thanks everyone."

- Chris Edwards

"The course was fantastic! I had a really good time. And Dave and Andrew were also very good teachers. Currently I generate leads from an online website but I had no idea that there were so many other ways and methods to go about sourcing deals. It was a real eye opener and I'm really happy I went on the course. So now I'm going to start incorporating what I've learnt into what I already do."

- Andre Hunter

"PHENOMINAL -Financially life changing weekend.

Spent with the knowledgeable,giving and generous PMA Property experts. I am truely grateful to you guys,Thank you.

This course is a MUST for anyone who wants to increase there rental income ,become an expert have FUN and become Financially FREE to do what they WANT,when they WANT.

When‬ the student is READY, the teacher/teachers will appear.

Thank you guys"

- Karl Stewart

Thanks for a great course during the last weekend. Learned loads, and more tools to make my future investing profitable, and recession proof.

- Nigel Southon